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High risk day 5/20/19 Review.

The SPC issued a "high risk" on 5/20 for parts of Texas, and Oklahoma. This was the first high risk issued since May of 2017, along with that this was the first 45% significant tornado risk since 2012.

Although severe weather was certainly a concern, another large concern was flooding. The SPC also issued a high risk for flash flooding on 5/21. Some areas in northern Oklahoma received close to 6 inches of rain in a timeframe of just 24 hours.

A total of 26 tornadoes were reported from this system (1 on 5/21, 25 on 5/20). The extent of damage and rating is not yet known until the surveys are complete.

The system that caused this severe weather will continue the track north east. This has caused the SPC to issue a enhanced risk for Arkansas through Missouri up through parts of Illinois. Flooding and severe weather risks will continue as this system moves.

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